Dangerous Goods Awareness - Cat 12

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  • 1. General awareness, objectives and organisations
  • 2. Legal responsibilites
  • 3. Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • 4. Dangerous Goods allowances
  • 5. Marking, labelling and packing specifications
  • 6. The Dangerous Goods declaration
  • 7. Acceptance and inspection
  • 8. Segregation and loading
  • 9. Provision of information and retention of documentation
  • 10. Dangerous Goods safety

Course aims & objectives

The course aim is to give knowledge and understanding of dangerous goods, their potential hazards and the rules applicable to their transport by air. An essential part of the course is the ability to recognise shipments containing Dangerous Goods according to labeling, marking and other indications. Security screeners must be trained to identify and detect undeclared dangerous goods in baggage or in general cargo.