Insider Threat - 2024

Enhance staff awareness of the insider threat, mitigation, and maintaining security culture
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  • Insider Threat 2024

Course aims & objectives

Under the framework of the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP), all relevant aviation entities are obligated to incorporate an internal policy and corresponding measures within their security program. These measures aim to strengthen staff awareness regarding the insider threat and foster a robust security culture. As part of our comprehensive training curriculum, this course serves as the initial component in meeting this requirement by augmenting staff awareness of the insider threat, providing strategies for its mitigation, and clarifying their responsibilities in upholding security culture.

The course delves into various aspects related to the insider threat, equipping participants with a deep understanding of its nature, potential consequences, and the importance of proactive mitigation. It emphasizes the significance of vigilance, risk assessment, and adherence to established security protocols as crucial components in maintaining a secure aviation environment. Participants will learn about the different manifestations of the insider threat, including unauthorized access, information leaks, sabotage, and other acts that compromise aviation security.

Additionally, the course underscores the pivotal role played by every staff member in upholding security culture. Participants will explore practical strategies for promoting a collective sense of responsibility, encouraging open communication, and fostering a proactive approach to security. They will be educated on recognizing and reporting suspicious behavior or security breaches, ensuring that timely and accurate information reaches the appropriate channels for further investigation and response.

By completing this course, participants will not only enhance their knowledge of the insider threat and effective mitigation strategies but also contribute to the cultivation of a strong security culture within their respective aviation entities. Their increased awareness, coupled with a clear understanding of their individual responsibilities, will play a vital role in bolstering the overall security framework and safeguarding the aviation industry against potential risks.

This course is part one of the courses designed to meet this requirement by enhancing staff awareness of the insider threat, how they can mitigate it, and their responsibilities in maintaining security culture (including how and when to report).