Practical Element Airport Supplies

Put your Airport Supplies knowledge to the test with our practical assessment session. Demonstrate your skills and competency in real-world Airport Supplies operations
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Course aims & objectives

Overview of the course:
This course is designed to provide persons who screen air cargo and mail with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver effective screening. Also to provide those supervising and managing persons carrying out screening or other applying security controls for air cargo or mail with the relevant knowledge and skills to provide effective security in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Modules and On Job Training requirements:
As part of initial training, any person who will be trained under or 11.2.4 must receive on-the-job training (OJT) for the following modules:
Module 7 – Visual Check
Module 8 – Hand Search
Module 9 – Explosive Trace Detection
Module 10 – Screening Using X-Ray Equipment
*This training should only be delivered where it is relevant to the trainee's duties / equipment used.
Screening modules will be covered in line with job requirements

Delivery method:
This course is an Instructor led session using powerpoint, training aids, recap sessions, group discussions/activities and videos.
At the end of each module there will be a group question and answer recap session.
Learners will be given access to inert training aids such as firearms, ammunition, explosive and incendiary devices and materials.

Frequency/Target audience:
This course can be requested ad hoc depending on availability and location.
Once initial training has been completed, recurrent training for all persons that carry out screening activities is required at least every 24 months

Provision of this training is mandatory for any person employed to carry out any of the activities listed below:
Persons implementing screening of air cargo or mail
Person supervising the persons implementing security controls for air cargo or mail

Learner self-declaration for specific learning difficulties/barriers:
Learners will be provided with a link if they would like to declare any learning difficulties or barriers such as English is not their first language. This should be submitted as early as possible to allow the trainer sufficient time to make any reasonable adjustments.