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We offer a full range of courses approved by the
DfT / CAA.

This training is a mandatory requirement for all regulated agents (RA), Known Consignors (KC) and anyone involved in the preparation and handing or transportation of Secure (SPX) Cargo.

We train all levels CASP, CO, COS, CS, CM, including X-ray, NXCT and Known Consignor Syllabus.

All our trainers are Department of Transport (DfT) / Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved.

We have regular monthly open courses in East Midlands and Birmingham.

Scheduled Courses

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CASP (Civil Aviation Security Principles)

Level A - General Awareness

CO (Cargo Operative)

Level D - Handling & Preparation

COS (Cargo Operative With Screening)

Level E - Screening of Cargo

CS (Cargo Supervisor)

Level F - Security Supervisor

CM(Cargo Manager)

Level G - Security Manager

KC (Known Consignor)

KC - Known Consignor

Contacts Below is a guide showing current courses and equivalent levels in the past Contacts Contacts Contacts Contacts Contacts The Current Threat level can be found by clicking Here.